Our child-centered curriculum promotes learning, discovery, confidence building, and JOY! 


We know that play is the best way for children to learn and develop critical life skills.

Through careful planning and play, Judson meets the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs of young children. Our school welcomes everyone.


What We Do – and Why

Discovery Time

Self-chosen activities within the classroom — art, building, manipulatives, science, library, dramatic play, and music (approximately 1 hour each day).

Discovery Time empowers children to choose from a wide variety of activities designed to spark their curiosity, build skills, and support interest. During this time, our preschoolers develop independence, share and build friendships, and have fun.


Small Group

Teacher-led, high interest activities for a small number of preschoolers (approximately 20 minutes each week).

Small group introduces children to more teacher-directed activities with groups small enough to encourage each child to participate. We support children as they learn to speak and listen, to take turns, and to cooperate while learning new concepts.


Large Group

Teacher- AND children-led songs, games, topics of discussion, musical experiences, and books (approximately 15 minutes each day).

Large group introduces children to full-class participation time like they will experience in school. They engage in developmentally appropriate songs and activities and listen to a story. This is a fun, interactive part of our day.


Snack Time

We serve a variety of delicious snacks “family style”  (approximately 15 minutes each day).

In addition to providing nourishment, snack time gives children real-life opportunities to count napkins and cups, pour their own water, and participate in making the food. Snack time promotes independence, socialization, confidence, responsibility and helps children recognize they are an important part of their group.


Large Muscle Play

Large muscle play occurs outdoors on our playground in all seasons. If it is too rainy or too cold, we have an indoor large muscle space (approximately 45 minutes each day).

Large muscle play allows children to move and choose activities that will continue to develop muscles, improve balance, and promote physical confidence. These activities also give children the opportunity to develop friendships and stimulate language.