Judson Preschool is dedicated to bringing together children and early childhood educators in an environment of self-growth, achieved through socialization and spontaneous learning, while reflecting the plurality of our community.

Judson2-63 Our top priority is to create a positive environment in which children develop a sense of self-worth. We help children develop socialization skills, and guide them in finding ways to express their emotions.

We emphasize play as the most important vehicle for learning by providing children with a wide range of activities that are carefully planned by professionally trained, early childhood educators. Our staff provides many opportunities for children to experience their environment through experimentation in the arts, role play, large and fine muscle activities, science projects, creative movement, cooking, and music.

At Judson, our preschoolers develop skills in language, literacy, science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as well as social and emotional development through large group and small group experiences and self-discovery.

In addition, we are dedicated to providing services to children with special needs – as our facility permits – through mainstreaming, partnership with Minneapolis Special Education, parent consultations and referrals to community resources.



One of the ways Judson differs from many area preschools is staffing. Head teachers are required to have Teaching Licensure. Each class is planned and implemented with a wealth of knowledge about child development and experience with this specific age group.


Staff to Child Ratio: 1:6 or 1:10 (activity and age dependent)


The Yellow Room, which has the youngest children, is staffed by one Licensed teacher and two assistants. The Green Room and Blue Room are each staffed by one Licensed teacher and two assistants during Discovery and Small Group. Children need to be 2 years 9 months per our license to attend Judson Preschool.

During Large Group, Large Muscle Play and Snack, there is one teacher and one assistant. Class size can be 16-20 children. The afternoon classes are typically smaller in size.